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How to measure line length

To measure the curve length, please download a CorelDRAW™ plug-in from our website:
Download file:
DDCorelMacro.gms DDCorelMacro.gms
The plug-in is compatible with CorelDRAW™ version 10 or higher.

Add the plug-in to CorelDraw™ by copying it to the ..\Draw\GMS folder, which can be found in the location where CorelDRAW™ was installed. Normally, you can use the following path: C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Graphics 12\Draw\GMS

In CorelDraw X8, copy the file to: C:\Users\{nazwa użytkownika}\AppData\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8\Draw\GMS

Folder names may differ depending on the operating system and CorelDRAW™ version.

Launch CorelDRAW™ and select Tools -> Customisation. The Options pane will appear on the screen.

Click Commands on the options list and then select Macros from the drop-down menu, as highlighted in the image above. Find 'DD.dlugosc.policz' macro in the plug-in list. Add an icon with our macro to the main toolbar by dragging and dropping the selected macro in the toolbar (see the red arrow on the image).

To measure the length of the trim line, select all shapes to be trimmed and click the newly added icon.

If the required Corel version is not available, you can measure the curve length using any software capable of curve length measuring. The length should be stated in millimetres.
If appropriate software is not available, the curve length can also be measured by printing the trim line to a known scale using a printer, measuring it by hand with a ruler, pair of compasses or a piece of string and multiplying the measured value by the respective scale coefficient. Enter the obtained approximate value in the Price Quote Form; the real length will be checked and corrected by our staff using the software.

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