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Product Information
Product DescriptionInvitations are a traditional way of informing clients of important events such as: fairs, corporate anniversaries, presentations, conferences etc. They are essential for the organization of important celebrations and ceremonies, e.g. weddings, First Communions, anniversaries, birthdays etc. To raise the prestige of your invitations, personalised printing is highly recommended. We print invitations on X1000 press, in full colour, double-sided (CMYK). The finished piece can be scored and folded: 1 score along either the longer or shorter edge; 2 scores for A4 invitations either 'accordion' or 'gate' folded into DL.
Available SizesWe offer invitations in the most popular sizes:
  • DL 99/210 mm (no scoring, single finished piece)
  • DL 99/210 mm (99 x 420 mm folded into DL, 1 score on the shorter edge)
  • DL 99/210 mm (198/210 mm folded into DL, 1 score on the longer edge)
  • DL 99/210 mm (A4 folded into DL with a „gate fold” – 2 scores)
  • DL 99/210 mm (A4 folded into DL with an „accordion fold” – 2 scores)
  • DL 99/210 mm ( 99 x 630 mm folded into DL with a „gate fold” – 2 scores)
  • A6 105/148 mm (no scoring, single finished piece)
  • A6 105/148 mm (210/148 mm folded into A6, 1 score on the longer edge)
  • A6 105/148 mm (105/296 mm folded into A6, 1 score on the shorter edge)
  • Square 160x160mm (0 scores, single use)
  • Square 160x160mm (324x160mm, folded to square,1 score)
Available MediaConsidering the individual nature of invitations, we offer a wide range of paper to choose from:
250 gsm matte double-side coated white board;

250 gsm one-side coated white board (with coating on the outer side of the invitation)

Decorative paper with texture and colour variants (see our Paper Samples).

300 gsm BioTop3.
ApplicationThe variety of sizes and paper broadens the scope of application of printed material, from invitations through all kinds of notices and information slips to prestigious postcards/cards.

Please use the Colour Printing Price Quote, if your invitation requires a different size or page number, or if you have other requirements.

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