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Product Information
Product Description
In our plate range, over 80 different materials in 13 groups are available (see specification) with the following options to choose from::
LimitationsThe maximum and minimum plate sizes are limited by:
  • Size of available materials
  • Machine working area
  • Possibility of holding the material during processing
See the table below for specific limitations.
Technology/materialMaximum size [mm] Minimum size [mm]*
UV CMYK + White print710 x 510
YAG laser engravingɸ 280
CO2 laser engraving600 x 450
Cutting – CO2 laser600 x 45010 x 10
Diamond cutter edge polishing2550 x 1250150 x 100
Custom shape milling2550 x 1250150 x 100
Guillotine straight line trimming300 x 30020 x 10
Plotter cutting1790 x 119020 x 10
Tu-Bond edge folding2550 x 1250150 x 100
Edge polishing after guillotine cutting300 x 30050 x 50
Hole drillingɸ 3
Engraving laminates610 x 305
Aluminium – all types508 x 304
* For jobs consisting of two or more items, applies to the size of a single item.
Available technologiesMarking and cutting technologies available for materials offered in our range:
MaterialAvailable technology
UV CMYK + White printx xxxx
CO2 laser engravingxxx x
YAG laser engraving xx x1 x
Cutting – CO2 laserxx xx
Guillotine straight line trimming xxx x
Plotter cutting x2
Curved-line milling xxx
Diamond edge polishing x
Edge polishing after guillotine cutting x
Tu-Bond edge folding x
Hole drilling xx xx
1. Black plexiglass only.
2. Applies to up to 1 mm thickness only.

TrimmingAvailable cutting technologies:
  • Guillotine cutting leaves traces of knife pressure or slight tears, which you can easily smooth yourself using sandpaper, or you can order polishing of edges after cutting.
  • Custom shape milling results in perfectly smooth cutting edges with matte surface. Additional polishing of edges with a diamond cutter used for transparent plexiglass results in a mirror-like effect, with a completely transparent surface with only barely visible cutter trace marks.
  • Laser cutting results in a transparent, mirror-like surface, which, however, is not perfectly smooth as it is with the diamond cutter; slight irregularities after material melting may be visible.
1. Cutting – CO2 laser
2. Plexiglass milling
3. Diamond cutter edge polishing
4. Tu-Bond guillotine cutting
5. Tu-Bond milling
Tu-Bond edge folding
Thanks to the folding of the TuBond edge, the cutting edge is not visible, creating an impression of a thick, homogeneous aluminium plate with the edge in the colour of the plate front. The folded edge can also be printed over or engraved. The design template is generated individually for every size available in the price quote form.

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