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Large Format Printing

Final Trim Size
Web-fed solvent printing on HP Latex, Mimaki ColourPainter.
UV printing on rigid media with ARIZONA 360 GT
Max. printing area: according to specification.
Bigger jobs are printed in pieces either with 15mm bleed (flexible media printed on web-fed press) or edge to edge (rigid materials printed on flatbed).
You can assemble in single file several smaller jobs and send as one large order.
Prepare your artwork with no bleed (for printing in pieces we do it for you) or, in case of jobs to be glued to rigid media, with 5mm bleed (i.e. extend each edge of the page by 5mm).
Do not place trim marks. Instead of this only frame your job.
If you put several smaller jobs in single file, each of them must have a separate frame.
Job Scale

Colour Model
Prepare your artwork in CMYK model (except for artwork with additional colour). If your artwork contains halftone images (textures, photos), convert it also to CMYK.
Using different colour spaces or colour models in one document (e.g. CMYK and RGB) leads to incorrect colour rendering and is not covered by warranty.
Colour Screen Tints
If your artwork consists of large areas in single colour, we recommend to add some noise or slight texture to those areas in order to avoid visual bands.
Rich Black
To achieve solid, saturated black, use black composed of the following components: 33%C 33%M 33%Y 100%K.
Tone Gradation
Do not set your tonal range for values smaller than 5%.
To avoid visual bands, add some noise to your gradation.
Optimum Resolution
up to 2m²: 100-200 dpi
2-5m²: 50-100 dpi
5-20m²: 20-60 dpi

Don't increase resolution through resampling.
Utility location
Where one project contains multiple pieces, add a thin-line frame around each piece, and the distance between the pieces must be greater than 5mm. In the calculator’s window „Additional cutting for jobs pieces” enter the number of pieces.
White Colour
There are 3 check boxes in the Price Quote form:

1. ARIZONA 360 GT - CMYK - Single overprint of media without the use of white colour. Preparation:
No special requirements.

Your artwork should consist of two pages:
  1. The first page with a colour artwork in CMYK.
    PLEASE NOTE: All elements on this page composed of CMYK – 0,0,0,0 (i.e. 'WHITE') or without an assigned colour will remain unprinted.
  2. The second page with an artwork for white print. Prepare your artwork as 100% Black (K 100) without other components (meaning 'Print WHITE here').

'Corel' preparation:

If you want to order products with white underprint, please prepare a *.CDR document containing two pages: a) The first page with white underprint – this should be entirely solid black (100% BLACK). b) The second page with colour artwork. ATTENTION: Please remember that all elements composed of CMYK – 0,0,0,0 (i.e. 'WHITE' in Corel) will remain TRANSPARENT. If you want White to appear not only as a background for the colour artwork, but as an independent colour, it must be composed of: CMYK - 1,0,0,0.

'Photoshop' preparation: An additional channel called 'Spot 1' must be created. All elements included in this channel will be printed white. It should also be noted that it is possible to print white tonal gradations from 1 to 100% using this method.

3. ARIZONA 360 GT - FOR BACKLIGHT - Double (2 x CMYK) overprint of light-dispersing media or CMYK + WHITE + CMYK overprint of transparent media that must be printed with light-dispersing layer. Preparation: No special requirements. White layer including the entire artwork is generated by the operator.

Saving to File
File Formats
Preferred: TIF, JPG
Accepted: CDR(ver.9.0)
Additional Information
If you save your artwork as CDR file, please rememeber to:
- convert all texts to curves / paths,

w przypadku skomplikowanych projektów zawierających wiele warstw, nachodzące na siebie grafiki, cienie, przezroczystości itp. należy, na ile jest to możliwe, spłaszczyć do jednego obrazu tła, zachowując w postaci wektorowej jedynie teksty, loga, linie i inne istotne elementy projektu.

- supply your artwork with a mock-up (200-300kB JPG file) so we can check correctness of a delivered file.

Additional Information
Preparation for Plotter Cutting
See the detailed instruction how to prepare your artwork for plotter cutting:
: See here >>
Additional Information
If you do not provide us with a mock-up of your artwork, we will print your order however D&D Ltd. does not take responsibility for its incorrect interpretation.

Please note:
During cutting jobs printed on PVC boards some slight For that reason please avoid putting in your graphics dark and saturated colours running right off the edge of your design.

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