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Colour Samples

Product Information
 Colour Chart Set includes three colour templates, each one with more than thousand colour samples including information about their CMYK percentages. It is printed on 300 g/m² white double side coated board. Each of these templates presents colour profile of machines we have in D&D Ltd. You receive a template with colours achievable on Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52 Digital Offset Press and templates for Xerox 1000 Digitial Production Press:

Color templates for Xerox iGen5 Digitial Production Press:

The sample booklet consists of five A3 pages and contains over one thousand colour samples each, including the description of CMYK component ratio. It is printed on 250 gsm white, double-coated card. Each sample booklet contains a collection of printed colours that D&D can obtain on Xerox 1000. The sample book contains 5 sample collections of CMYK colour space:
  1. no finishing
  2. finished with gloss lamination (one side)
  3. finished with matt lamination (one side)
  4. finished with glossy UV coating (one side)
In addition, one side shows the effect of the Clear toner.

Colour Samples for Heidelberg contains two samples:
  • Printing on double side mat paper 200g/m2, non-laminated
  • Printing finished on one side with matt lamination and on the second side with gloss lamination

Colour Chart includes also full colour proofs of bitmaps and texts in various sizes so you can compare colour profiles and choose printing technology suitable to your needs and requirements.

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