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Plant Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52
Colour Space: CMYK
Printing Speed: max. 7 000 sheets/h
Technology Offset waterless printing (plates do not need dampening before inking) in Direct Imaging technology. DI - direct imaging - the process of sending a digital file directly to a press without the use of traditional offset or computer-to-plate processes or chemistry. Plates are imaged directly on press in precise register.
Printing Stock - offset and coated papers and boards
- self-adhesive papers
- foil for digital waterless printing
- plastics
Thickness 0.06mm - 0.5mm
Max. sheet size 340 x 460 mm
Min. sheet size 90 x 100 mm
Available stock with information about grammage and maximum sheet sizes can be found in a quote calculator.
Maximum Print Format 360 x 520 mm  
Resolution & Screen Ruling Resolution 2540 dpi
Screen Ruling 200 lpi - elliptical raster
or frequency-modulated (stochastic) screening
Colours Program inking automatically supplies the correct amount of ink to the ink rollers to match the image.  
Colour Repeatability Within one sheet certain typical for offset technology slight differences in colour hue and saturation can occur.  
Text Quality Quality of black and colour text is perfect for types not smaller than 4 points. If you set text as a bitmap, its quality gets worse.
Colour Registering Very good colour registration even with less saturated colours. However as large sheets can stretch very little during printing it may result in slight colour misregistering in further parts of the sheet (further from grippers). In such case lot of depends on the paper quality and grammage.  
Front- & Backside Registering Shift should not exceed 0,5 mm. As Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52 does not allow for setting sheet parameters artwork has to be well prepared (face- and backside of the page have to be positioned identically towards the sheet).
Finishing Print on coated papers can be laminated, UV coated, glued (glued areas should not be covered with ink) and tinned.  
Usage Flyers, newsletters, press kits, brochures, invitations, certificates, postcards, posters, calendars, covers, labels, stickers, business cards and many more.  
Usage Limitations    

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