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Business Cards


Product Information
Product DescriptionOffset printing on Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52 Digital Offset Press. Digital printing on Ricoh Digitial Production Press.  One-side print or double-side print: 4/0 or 4/4 CMYK (unlimited number of colors), Print job size (after trimming): 50 x 90 mm, 55 x 85 mm, , 55 x 95 mm or 50 x 181 mm.

Options of finishing:
Standard/Euro-standard business card: matte/glossy lamination
Raised-ink business cards: matte lamination + 3D spot varnish
Folded business cards: matte lamination

One-sided business cards can have a one-sided or double-sided lamination.

EMBOSSED Business CardsEmbossing (or debossing, where applicable) will make your cards unique by visibly raising/indenting the surface. Embossing makes previously printed items, as well as non-printed items stand out. In the latter case, you can achieve a very interesting effect by embossing on white or uniform colour background. Embossing is done using two-part dies that we keep afterwards so that you can use them free of charge for further orders of the same product.

Embossing can be done on business cards made of 350 gsm double-coated card with laminate finish (matte, glossy, soft/touch). 

The acceptable tolerance for matching embossing with print is 0.4 mm.

Embossing creates a raised surface on the face and an indented surface on the back.

In translation: `Tłoczenie wklęsłe realizujemy na papierach/kartonach:
- Wild 450g/m2, 900μm (!)- to wyjątkowy papier produkowany w 35% z dodatkiem włókien bawełny. Jest wyjątkowo spulchniony, dedykowany do tłoczenia. Tłoczenie jest wyjątkowo głębokie, druk zbliżony do wydruków na papierze czerpanym.

- Astro Pack 450g/m2, 630μm - doskonała sztywność, naturalna struktura papieru i podwyższona biel. Dzięki temu pięknie się na nim prezentują np. wizytówki z elementami tłoczenia;
- Keykolour 650μm -  najwyższej jakości papier o oryginalnej strukturze z certyfikatem ECF. Keaykolour cechuje się dużym wolumenem
i znakomitą sztywnością , dzięki czemu jest doskonałym wyborem w przypadku tłoczenia;
- jednostronnie powlekany 250 i 300 g/m2 - karton stosowany na okładki książek i teczki;
- kreda 350g/m2 - karton na zaproszenia, wizytówki

Tłoczenie realizowane jest przy użyciu jednorazowych matryc. 
Nie jest możliwe pasowanie tłoczenia z drukiem. Tłoczenie wklęsłe zalecane jest dla elementów niezależnych od druku, stanowiących graficzny akcent i podnoszący wartość wizualną wydruku  lub elementów grafiki drukowanych, dla których nie ma znaczenia czy tłoczenie się idealnie wpasuje w druk, czy nie.  

Uwaga! - przy tłoczeniach zawierających bardzo duże elementy może dochodzić do wygładzenia rewersu w miejscu tłoczenia;

Embossing creates a raised surface on the face and an indented surface on the back.

3D Spot Varnish Business CardsThe 'Raised Ink' effect is achieved by means of spot coating using a special transparent varnish that increases its volume locally after application. This method emphasises certain printed elements by creating a more visible and tangible 3D structure. For raised ink finishing, coating both big and small items on a single printed piece simultaneously is not recommended.

For business cards coated with raised ink that are set and printed on one sheet (different pieces of artwork on a single printed piece), the thickness of raised ink is adjusted to the smallest printed elements. Consequently, the raised ink effect on bigger elements (over 5 mm) is similar to UV spot varnish. Therefore, we recommend finishing contours of bigger elements using raised ink to achieve distinct tangibility. Varnishing the entire surface might give a less tangible, but at the same time more visible effect.

For double-sided business cards with 3D raised ink, finishing is applied only to the first side (face).
Double-sided business cards can have spot varnish only on the face side.
Spot colour
Liquid Gold/Silver
Liquid GoldLiquid Gold/Silver technology allows you to finish your product with a thick, tactile spot 3D layer with a metallic gloss. Liquid Metal effect will draw your attention so much more than the commercially better known technology of Hot Stamping.
Soft Touch LaminateMatt Soft Touch film designed for print finishing features unique characteristics. Its soft, velvet-like matt texture makes it stand out from the competition. The film highlights and underscores the colours of the print. It can be perfectly combined with spot UV varnish – the combination of fine texture of matt laminate and slick, glossy varnish provides an outstanding effect.
Business cards on pulp-coloured cardPulp-coloured card business cards with gold or silver or 3D white print.
Four types of card available: burgundy, mocha (brown), deep velvet blue and matte black, all 330 gsm.
Top quality with express turnaround
For gold and silver colours, business cards are available as simplex as well as duplex. For 3D white colour, only single-sided cards are available (in case of double-sided printing, colour may chip off on the edges).
Multilayer business cards1000 gsm multilayer business cards – printed on three-layer paper: colour – white – colour. One-sided print with white colour only in a special UV printer mode – raised-ink (3D) letters (raised ink markedly tangible).
Perfect rigidity, high durability, top quality.
Available in three variants: burgundy – white – burgundy, mocca – white – mocca, blue – white – blue.

Folded Business CardThe Folded Business Card is creased through the centre so that it can be folded to a format of 50mm x 90mm.
 The business card is sent unfolded.
Additional InformationD&D cannot guarantee colour consistency in consecutive offset print runs.

 Lamination of business cards may have impact on their colour, which may differ from other printouts (such as letterhead or envelopes).

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