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Leaflet Holders

Product Information
Product DescriptionWe are launching a new series of leaflet holders printed on thick cardboard.
Compared to the previous technique of producing holders from a corrugated cardboard (microwave) with attached self-adhesive printed paper, the new holders feature:
Top quality – cardboard overprinted by Ricoh Pro C9210 + glass lamination as standard
Considerable stiffness – the back is made of 1.1 mm one-side coated cardboard, and the pockets 0.7 mm cardboard
Smooth surface – cardboard structure is not visible
Greater diversity of available models – we offer holders for A4 to A7, DL leaflets, business and other cards
Our holders are available in 12 designs for leaflets of 6 different sizes:
  • Leaflet holder A4 (210x297)
  • Leaflet holder A5 (148x210)
  • Leaflet holder A6 (105x148)
  • Leaflet holder A6 (105x148) with two pockets
  • Leaflet holder A7 (74x105)
  • Leaflet holder A7 (74x105) with two pockets
  • Leaflet holder A7 (74x105) with three pockets
  • Leaflet holder DL (210x99)
  • Leaflet holder DL (210x99) with two pockets
  • Single pocket business card holder
  • Business card holder with two pockets
  • Business card holder with three pockets
Each holder consists of two components:
rigid bearing plate (the back) with holes to install pockets
suitable number of pockets that also serve as support (legs) for the holder

The A4 holder, which is quite large, is equipped with an additional support separately glued to the back (adhesive tape is already on the support), made of 1.1 mm thick, white one-side coated cardboard.
TechnoloyDigital printing on Ricoh Pro C9210Cutting and scoring performed on MIMAKI plotter according to the modified template.
ApplicationDesigned for the exhibition of leaflets and business cards on desks, shop counters and in exhibition areas.
Additional InformationAll holders are delivered in parts and must be assembled and glued together by the customer.

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