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Leaflets & Flyers

Product Information
Product DescriptionLeaflets that we offer are divided into two groups: standard (plain) and folded (scored). A wide range of sizes and available paper weights helps us meet your every need. Folded leaflets, especially leaflets made of thicker card (170 gsm mat and 350 gsm mat), are perfect to be used as promotional or presentation folders, product catalogues or offers. 

Our leaflets can be printed using the following technologies: offset printing on Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52 or digital printing on Xerox iGen 5. Double-sided (4/4) or single-sided (4/0) CMYK (unlimited number of colours) printing.
Our leaflets are available on paper of three different weights: 130 gsm*, 170 gsm (matte/glossy chalk) and 350 gsm matte chalk.

* Leaflets ordered on 130 gsm paper are printed on 130 gsm double-coated paper or 115 gsm high bulk paper (a double-coated paper with thickness comparable to 130 gsm paper)

Available leaflet sizes:

DL 99/210 mm 
2 x DL portrait layout (final size 198/210 mm, folded size 99/210 mm)
3 x DL roll folded portrait layout (final size 294/210 mm, folded size 99/210 mm)
3 x DL concertina folded portrait layout (final size 297/210 mm, folded size 99/210 mm)

2 x DL landscape layout (final size 420/99 mm, folded size 210/99 mm)
3 x DL roll folded landscape layout (final size 627/99 mm, folded size 210/99 mm)
3 x DL concertina folded landscape layout (final size 630/99 mm, folded size 210/99 mm)

A5 148/210 mm
2 x A5 portrait layout (final size 296/210 mm, folded size 148/210 mm)
3 x A5 roll folded portrait layout (final size 441/210 mm, folded size 148/210 mm)
3 x A5 concertina folded portrait layout (final size 444/210 mm, folded size 148/210 mm)

2 x A5 landscape layout (final size 420/148mm, folded size 210/148 mm)
3 x A5 roll folded landscape layout (final size 627/148 mm, folded size 210/148 mm)
3 x A5 concertina folded landscape layout (final size 630/148 mm, folded size 210/148)

A6 105/148 mm
2 x A6 portrait layout (final size 210/148 mm, folded size 105/148 mm)
3 x A6 roll folded portrait layout (final size 312/148 mm, folded size 105/148 mm)
3 x A6 concertina folded portrait layout (final size 315/148 mm, folded size 105/148 mm)

2 x A6 landscape layout (final size 296/105 mm, folded size 148/105 mm )
3 x A6 roll folded landscape layout (final size 441/105 mm, folded size 148/105 mm)
3 x A6 concertina folded landscape layout (final size 444/105 mm, folded size 148/105 mm)

A4 210/297 mm
2 x A4 portrait layout (final size 420/297 mm, folded size 210/297 mm)
3 x A4 roll folded portrait layout (final size 627/297 mm, folded size 210/297 mm)
3 x A4 concertina folded portrait layout (final size 630/297 mm, folded size 210/297 mm)

2 x A4 landscape layout (final size 594/210 mm, folded size 297/210 mm)

A3 297/420 mm

A7 74/105 mm

Additional InformationBecause the surface of art paper can crack where folded, avoiding dark overprint in fold areas is recommended.

D&D cannot guarantee colour consistency in consecutive offset print runs.

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