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3D Dome Stickers

Product Information
3D Dome StickersOur self-adhesive colour stickers are coated with a transparent polyurethane resin that gives them a unique, luxurious 3D look and protects them against damage.

Our 3D dome stickers are humidity-resistant.  However, with prolonged full exposure to direct sunlight, gradual colour fading may occur after a few months. 
They will be perfect as your company labels for all kinds of products: computers, cars, furniture, electronic appliances, household equipment, etc.

Labels on pulp-coloured filmThese labels are produced on Oracal 640 series colour film. They can be flat with straight edges, custom-shaped or with a 3D raised-ink finishing.

Available film colours (numbered as in Oracal sample book):  black – no. 70,  ash grey – no. 71, green – no. 62, dark blue – no. 50, red – no. 32,  yellow – no. 21.

Pulp-coloured label printing or marking is done with metallic colours only.

Available metallic colours: gold, silver, red, blue, green.

In one printed piece (artwork) a combination of any two available colours may be used.

Magnetic LabelsMagnetic film is a flexible plastic containing particles of magnetic material, so the film adheres to metal surfaces (e.g. fridges, cars, metal boards, etc.).

Magnetic labels are perfect as promotional gadgets and information or exhibition materials.
Magnetic labels have one important advantage over self-adhesive labels: they can be reused without any damage.

PLEASE NOTE !!!In case of extremely low or high temperatures it is recommended to take off the graphics from the car surface daily to clean the surface. The range of temperatures for application: from -40 C to +70C.
Additional InformationOn the cutting edge magnetic foil can bulge slightly and rise a little.
When labels printed on Xerox 1000 are cut, toner can flake off marginally on the edges - labels receives very thin white rim - it becomes visible when dark colours are printed running off the label edges.

Non-laminated & non-magnetic labels laser cut. All others are trimmed with cutting plotter.

Labels and 3D Stickers have to be applied to smooth and degreased (with isopropyl alcohol, extraction naphtha, etc.) The minimal environmental temperature in which it is possible to stick labels and stickers 3D is 17 ºC. The glue requires at least 24 hours to achieve full adhesive strength, depending on the environment.

PLEASE NOTE!We don't accept complaints like: „aren't holding on", „are coming off", „too weak glue” etc. We are making stickers for a few years on the same foil; in order to avoid any misunderstanding, please make a trial - the D&D customer service departmentis is sending samples of stickers,free of charge.

If your labels are intended for places prone to damage or wear, we strongly recommend that you order products with a finish.

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