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Leaflet Holders


Preparing File
How to Prepare
Before you place an order for a stand, you must prepare files according to the following instructions:

Download and open/import an appropriate stand template (a three-page file):
page 1: reference drawings with explanations (not to be used for design)
page 2: back – a sheet with preset templates
page 3: pockets – a sheet with preset templates
Read the explanations on the first page of the imported file.
Go to the second page – presenting the back of the stand.
Use 1 template of the stand back (the sheet usually contains more than one templates of the back) and follow the instructions shown on the page with explanations to design graphics and trim marks (those that can be modified by the client) for the stand back.
Copy the artwork and cover the whole sheet with completed templates.
After doing this, split the file into two:
– a file for printing containing graphics and register marks
– a file for trimming and, in case of pockets, also scoring containing register marks and trim marks
ATTENTION! Register marks must be placed in the same spot on the sheet in both files – for printing and for trimming!
Save both files separately – the file for printing as PDF, the file for trimming preferably as CDR, ver. 9.0.
Repeat the same steps to design the stand pocket.
ATTENTION! For stands with two or three pockets, each pocket can be designed with different graphics. The whole set of pockets must be arranged on the page.
Prepare the folder for your order – a compressed folder (ZIP or RAR) containing 2 two-page files.

ATTENTION! Please read the instructions for artwork preparation concerning „Packaging and Stands” before you modify trim marks for your stand (to the permitted extent).

See how to prepare >>
Prepare your artwork as for printing on Ricoh Pro C9210 Digitial Production Press.
See how to prepare >>

Available templates
Download file:
A4 leaflet holder template  
A5 leaflet holder template  
A6 leaflet holder template  
A7 leaflet holder template  
DL leaflet holder template  
Business card holder template  
A6 leaflet holder with two pockets template  
A7 leaflet holder with two pockets template  
A7 leaflet holder with three pockets template  
DL leaflet holder with two pockets template  
Business card holder with two pockets template  
Business card holder with three pockets template  

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