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3D letters


General Information
In translation: `Projekt liter należy przygotować w dowolnym graficznym programie wektorowym (Corel, AI, InDesign), w skali 1:1.
Należy uwzględnić ograniczenia wymienione w specyfikacji produktu jak również ograniczenia frezarki (link).
Jeśli jest zamawiany panel należy go również nanieść na projekcie w postaci prostokąta.
Projekt ramy i panelu wykonuje D&D; punkty mocowania panelu/ramy do ściany są uzgadniane z Zamawiajacym.
Punkty mocowania liter do panelu i ramy projektujemy i wykonujemy w D&D na etapie produkcji liter.

Graphics made of backlit film
For graphics made of backlit film, place references (arrows) with film number in the artwork. We use 4500 TF series Avery film for backlit signage. You can use one film colour only for one graphics area (delineated with a milled curve). At least 10 mm distance
must be kept between areas of different colours.

Available film colours:
- red 4506 TF
- orange 4510 TF
- yellow 4502 TF
- green 4516 TF
- blue 4512 TF
- dark blue 4529 TF
- beige 4538 TF
- brown 4514 TF
- grey 4519 TF

Full colour printing
For CMYK full colour graphics artwork (print), please follow the instructions for: Arizona 360GT print – for backlit signage

See how to prepare

Please note
Due to manual positioning of prints, the positioning tolerance is ±5 mm. Design CMYK graphics with a 5-mm bleed.

Milling mark artwork
Light boxes are milled in TuBond material using a cutter with a 4 mm diameter. Milling marks should be designed according to milling instructions for the Kimla plotter:

See how to prepare

Saving to File
File Formats
Preferred: PDF
Accepted: CDR, TIFF, JPG (not recommended). 
Please note: In case of INDESIGN software, we accept only PostScript files. Otherwise, please use the Comment section to inform us: "Attention: InDesign file. Convert to PS, please".
Accepted:  PDF, DXF

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