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We would like to wish all our Customers a merry Christmas
and a healthy and happy New Year.

D&D management and staff



We have expanded our 3D Labels and Stickers range with metallisation for LiquidMetal and Hotstamping technologies. You can choose from five metallic film colours: gold, silver, red, green and blue. Two metallic colours can be used in any single piece of artwork. We also have new materials available in our range: ORACAL colour film and transparent film. Especially worth noting is the use of LiquidMetal effect with 3D stickers, as illustrated in the picture.

Products available in: 3D Labels and Stickers and 3D Key Rings

We have expanded our Roller Banner product range

We have introduced new products in the Roller Banner product range. In addition to the Strong Roller Banner we already offer, we are now also offering the Standard version, which provides a good choice, at a significantly lower price, for more stable exhibits that do not need to be repeatedly assembled and disassembled. Another available option is the Double-Sided Roller Banner with a cassette accommodating two posters at once to provide visibility from both sides. We have also introduced a new display stand – the spider stand – which is a perfect and cheaper alternative to roller banners.

EMBOSSING makes business cards stand out... for unbeatable prices!

Wizytówki tłoczoneAdditional option – EMBOSSING – has been added to our price quote form. The price and effect will surprise you... in the positive sense of the word.  
Embossing is available for business cards with the following sizes: 90 x 50, 85 x 55 and 90 x 55 mm, printed on 350 gsm double-coated card, with laminate finish (matte, glossy, soft/touch). We also offer embossed business cards with 3D spot varnish.

New Colour Printing Price Quote Form

A new Colour Printing Price Quote Form is available, offering new options and immediate price calculation of even the most complicated jobs.
  • A new, bigger printed area for standard 358 mm x 654 mm paper.
  • Additional colours available – Liquid Gold and Liquid Silver
  • A new group of stock items – MultiLayer (three-layer card: white-colour-white; with 11 colours to choose from for the middle layer)
  • Cutting out of custom shapes

A new, wide range of plates

We would like to present to you a new Plate Price Quote Form that merges the previous price quote forms for engraved plates, colour plates and sign and letter cutting. From now on you can get a price quote for custom plates with the required parameters quickly and easily.  

There are over 80 stock items (13 groups) available for plate production. A wide range of stock of different types, colours and thicknesses provides a perfect base for the creation of your corporate identity as well as items for everyday use.

Our latest investment – UV Mimaki UJF-7151 plus plotter.

Thanks to this investment, we can provide:
  • The highest possible UV print quality
  • 3D white print
  • Spot varnish on UV printouts
The investment has allowed us to expand our range:
  • Business cards on 330 gsm mass-coloured card with white 3D print – high quality, express turnaround time – 1 working day.
  • 1000 gsm multilayer business cards – business cards on mass-coloured card with white inner layer (colour – white – colour) and white 3D print.
  • Plastic cards printed on 0.75 mm thick HIPS material. 4/0 or 4/4 CMYK print with UV 1/0 spot varnish

Price calculation of even the most complicated jobs made fast and easy only at PrintNet.

We have introduced a new Colour Printing Price Quote Form with a number of new features:
  • 81 print media (including 22 new ones)
  • Custom shape scoring and cutting out option. Option to select a wobbler to match your printed materials
  • Spot colour printing (gold, silver) option
  • Wide range of finishing options, including the new Soft-Touch laminate or Soft-Touch plus 3D spot varnish
  • Possibility of rush printing on envelopes Card personalisation option.
  • Many finishing options:  corner rounding, personalisation, punching, gluing into pads, perforation, rim mounting, etc.

New products – mass-coloured card business cards with gold or silver print.

Four types of card are made available: burgundy, mocha (brown), deep velvet blue and matte black, all 330 gsm.
Mass-coloured card is printed over with silver only or gold only.

Lotus Meta C4 30W fibre laser

We would like to introduce our latest investment to you – Lotus Meta C4 30W fibre laser. The Lotus laser system provides an innovative, reliable and precision solution in the field of marking.

Thanks to this machine, we can expand the scope of our engraving services, offering marking on metals, plexiglass and aluminium. This investment will allow us to gradually widen our assortment of marked gadgets.
In June 2014, we launched an extensive range of USB flash drives. We introduced 12 new flash drive models in different colour varieties and with various capacities – 8 GB to 64 GB. More than half of our models are marked using monochromatic laser technology. We have already started to work to further enlarge our gadget selection. 

KIMLA–1326 industrial gate plotter

We have brought in a new machine – KIMLA–1326 industrial gate plotter, which is intended to be used for CNC material processing by milling and cutting. The top-notch technology, unparalleled reliability and innovative features of this machine allow for precision cutting and milling of materials such as: plastics, foams, solid wood and plywood, other solid materials, plexiglass, colour metals, multi-layer materials (DiBond).

By combining milling and UV printing, we have expanded the scope of our services in advertising and graphical communication to offer professional services in the production of signboards, graphic signs, information labels and boards, door labels, building signs, light boxes, commercial stands, etc.
The new investment complements the Kongsberg services. It allows you to design your products with any shape not only on paper/card media, but also on any solid materials up to 20 mm thick, with sizes between 200/200 mm and 1250/2480 mm. We have increased our assortment with over 30 new solid media in different colours that can be cut after printing. Additionally, we can offer you the option of CNC milling or knife cutting and/or trimming of any shapes without printing.

Kongsberg i-XE10 Auto

KongsbergWe have acquired a latest generation Kongsberg i-XE10 Auto cutting plotter.

This is a première installation in Poland and we are the first purchasers. This investment has allowed us to introduce a market-unique 'Print & Cut' service that enables us to complete compositions requiring not only printing, but also cutting and/or scoring of any shapes. We have made available a broad range of media, which will allow you, in combination with the features of our plotter, to start a profitable business with display stands, packaging, shaped business cards, cards, invitations, wobblers and plenty of other products, the shape and form of which depend solely on your creativity and inventiveness.

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Auto plotter is in a class of its own.  It is the fastest plotter in the world in the cutting table category. Its functionality and precision meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

New! Arizona 250

We installed first in Poland Arizona 250 UV plotter. Thanks to this D&D Ltd. customers may introduce to their offer wide range of new products and increase their display graphics and packaging revenue.

Arizona 250 produces exceptional quality prints with UV curable flatbed and Océ VariaDotTM imaging technology using variable droplet sizes from 6 to 42 picolitres. Now large formats can be printed in photo-quality on virtually any media. It is possible to e.g. print colour map with legible text in 6pt. size on 1,25 x 2,5m large and 48mm thick rigid board. Prints from new Arizona 250 look much better than images from conventional 6 - colour large format printers and at the same time they are cheaper (from 10 to 40%) and more resistant to UV radiation and humidity.. The Océ Arizona 250 GT can print on just about any rigid or flexible media: flat, pre-assembled furniture pieces, glass, fixtures, framed canvas or anything else you desire. Please contact our customer service to discuss the details of your order realization.

First in Poland Presstek 34DI


We bought new Presstek 34DI printer. This offset printer uses fourth generation of Direct Imaging technology to print in unprecedented quality and precision with 300lpi screen ruling. Presstek 34DI replaced in our machine park first DI generation Heidelberg QuickMaster 46-4 DI printer.

New cutter (three-side trimmer)


Horizon HT 30 is a one knife three-side trimmer for books on demand. It features automated setups with touch screen control. Books prepared for trimming are transported automatically to the trimming section, then trimmed and delivered to the stacker. After trimming whole pile from in-feed table, HT 30 stops automatically and waits for next operation. Up to 40 job setups can be stored into memory for easy job recall.

New perfect binder

Horizon BQ 270 is automated single clamp perfect binder for binding with hot melt glue. It is stocked with milling and roughening mechanism, side gluing rollers and smoke extractor. Can be supplied with side stacker for the finished books and scanner to measure stock thickness. Up to 20 different complete jobs can be programmed into memory for instant job recall. Suitable for CIP 3 or CIP 4 communication system.

New cutting plotter


We launched new Mimaki 1218TD cutting plotter, with 1200mm x 1800mm working area. It is designed for cutting large format prints as well as production of boxes, stand ups and displays.

New large fromat printer SEIKO ColorPainter CS 6100

Thanks to larger print format (up to 2500mm) and printing speed of SEIKO ColorPainter CS 6100 we may offer you even better prices than until now. Bigger machine park means also increase of reliability and punctuality of our services.

First in Poland Nagel production line for booklet saddle stitching with profiled spines

BooksMost important advantages of new saddle stitching with profiled spine:
  • aesthetic and elegant appearance (booklets have spine as perfect bound publications),
  • in opposition to perfect binding, spine in saddle stitched booklets never splits and pages do not fall out,
  • booklets can be opened with no fear to split the spine,
  • booklets are flat for easy carriage and storage.
New binding technology together with printing on sheets in B3 size with digital Ricoh Pro C9210 allow us to offer you printing B5 and B6 short run colour booklets in competitive prices.

New Ricoh Pro C9210 machine - first in Poland


To our machine park we bought Ricoh Pro C9210, the latest colour digital production printer in the world. It prints not only in quality as good as offset printers, but allows also for printing customization, personalization, mixing stocks within a run and many more.
Ricoh iGen was bought with support of the EU funds.

Our printing house join the global Ricoh Premier Partners Community

D&D Ltd. as a first printing company in Poland joined the global Ricoh Premier Partners Community programme.
Main goal of this programme is to support pritning and publishing companies with understanding, using and taking advantage of the New Business of Printing solutions. Companies that belong to Premier Partners Community have exclusive access via www.ppcommunity.com to latest solutions achievable due to development of Internet and digital technology. Each year representatives of member companies meet on the European congress to exchange information and their vast experience. Fourth Eureopan Congress of Premier Partners took place in April 2003 in France.

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