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We have expanded our 3D Labels and Stickers range with metallisation for LiquidMetal and Hotstamping technologies. You can choose from five metallic film colours: gold, silver, red, green and blue. Two metallic colours can be used in any single piece of artwork. We also have new materials available in our range: ORACAL colour film and transparent film. Especially worth noting is the use of LiquidMetal effect with 3D stickers, as illustrated in the picture.

Products available in: 3D Labels and Stickers and 3D Key Rings

We have expanded our Roller Banner product range

We have introduced new products in the Roller Banner product range. In addition to the Strong Roller Banner we already offer, we are now also offering the Standard version, which provides a good choice, at a significantly lower price, for more stable exhibits that do not need to be repeatedly assembled and disassembled. Another available option is the Double-Sided Roller Banner with a cassette accommodating two posters at once to provide visibility from both sides. We have also introduced a new display stand – the spider stand – which is a perfect and cheaper alternative to roller banners.

EMBOSSING makes business cards stand out... for unbeatable prices!

Wizytówki tłoczoneAdditional option – EMBOSSING – has been added to our price quote form. The price and effect will surprise you... in the positive sense of the word.  
Embossing is available for business cards with the following sizes: 90 x 50, 85 x 55 and 90 x 55 mm, printed on 350 gsm double-coated card, with laminate finish (matte, glossy, soft/touch). We also offer embossed business cards with 3D spot varnish.

New Colour Printing Price Quote Form

A new Colour Printing Price Quote Form is available, offering new options and immediate price calculation of even the most complicated jobs.
  • A new, bigger printed area for standard 358 mm x 654 mm paper.
  • Additional colours available – Liquid Gold and Liquid Silver
  • A new group of stock items – MultiLayer (three-layer card: white-colour-white; with 11 colours to choose from for the middle layer)
  • Cutting out of custom shapes

A new, wide range of plates

We would like to present to you a new Plate Price Quote Form that merges the previous price quote forms for engraved plates, colour plates and sign and letter cutting. From now on you can get a price quote for custom plates with the required parameters quickly and easily.  

There are over 80 stock items (13 groups) available for plate production. A wide range of stock of different types, colours and thicknesses provides a perfect base for the creation of your corporate identity as well as items for everyday use.

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