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UV print on hard media + cropping

Price quote for UV printing and milling or knife trimming of any shape on a wide variety of rigid materials.
If your artwork contains more than one piece, write the size of the largest piece to check whether delivery is possible:
x mm

We can provide five different print options on Arizona 360 GT:

  • Arizona 360 GT “ CMYK. Single CMYK overprint without the use of white colour. Application: overprint of all kinds of white or transparent (clear) media, when a stained-glass-like effect is required.

  • Arizona 360 GT - CMYK + White. CMYK overprint of a previously printed white background. This print is recommended for CMYK overprints of all colour media other than white, to provide rich and life-like colours.

  • Arizona 360 GT - for Light Boxes. Arizona 360 GT - for Light Boxes.

  • Arizona 360 GT White Only. Single white overprint intended solely for colour media other than white. Applicable where the use of white only graphics is sufficient. It is cheaper than the WHITE + CMYK option.

  • Arizona 360 GT Black Only. Single black overprint intended for white and colour media. Applicable where the use of black only graphics is sufficient. It is cheaper than the WHITE + CMYK option.

Job Width (in mm) mm.
Job Height (in mm) mm.
Quantity items
Material group
Board size 0 x 0 mm


Select plate mounting accessories:
No of pieces per plate: items

Select appropriate order options and click „Price Quote”.

All prices quoted above are net prices. If you have valid VAT ID, you will receive 0% rate VAT invoice. Otherwise, please add 23% VAT rate to the net price of your order. Turnaround Time is specified in working days and does not include delivery time which takes between 2-4 days depending on the destination.

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