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Plant Xerox 1000 The latest Xerox digital production press.
Technology Laser printing.  
Printing Stock Xerox 1000 prints on various media e.g.:
- coated (gloss, matte, silk) papers
- offset papers
- textured, specialty stocks
- self-adhesive papers
- self-adhesive foils
- plastic

Media Weight:
min. 80 g/m² max. 350 g/m²

Thickness from 0,06mm to 0,4mm.

Maximum sheet size:
364 mm x 521 mm
Minimum sheet size:
178 mm x 178 mm
Full list of media we print on can be found in quote calculator.
Maximum Print Format 358 mm x 513 mm In most cases we print on B3 sheets where maximum image area is 344mm x 494mm.
Resolution & Screen Ruling Resolution 600 x 600 dpi x 8-bit.
Screen Ruling 150 lpi, 175 lpi, 200 lpi, stochastic screening.
Image Due to very thin toner layer jobs printed on Xerox 1000 are in quality similar to this provided by offset technology. However even with such a thin layer some delicate printing bulges can be felt under the finger. Gloss characteristic for laser printing is perceptible on the printed areas.
Colours (solid - any area of the sheet receiving 100% ink coverage; screen tint - area of image printed with dots so ink coverage is less than 100% and simulates shading or a lighter color) Xerox 1000 projects very well solid areas both in single colour and with tone gradation.
In most cases no visual bands occur within tone gradation.
Xerox 1000 system needs no CMY additives to obtain rich, saturated black. Using only 100%K guarantees getting the darkest black colour.
On large solids and screen tints some slight visual bands or canvas pattern can occur. To avoid such effects it is recommended to replace such areas with texture fills.
Colour Repeatability Xerox 1000 ensures very high colour stability and repeatability between consecutive sheets. Within the single sheets some differences in colour hue and saturation can occur. Jobs smaller than half of the sheet are placed, due to economic reasons, on the same sheet only in different places. It can result in very slight colour differences among them.
Text Quality Quality of black text is perfect for types not smaller than 4 punkty.
Colour text and text contrasting with the background have to be printed with a minimum of 6 pt. for perfect quality.
Line Quality X1000 system can print continuous lines not thinner than 0,01 pt. It can keep also relative width differences between lines 0,05 pt. and 0,10 pt. thick. Maintaining at least 75% of colour components and setting at least one component (except yellow) close to 100% improves line quality.
Colour Registering Colour registration is automatic. Xerox specification allows for misregistration on the level of 85 micrometres. Usually it comes up tp 50 micrometres.  
Front- & Backside Registering Misregistration can come up to 1mm between face- and backside of the page. Register precision depends on the chosen material, system parameters and other factors.
Precision & Repeatability of Job Positioning on the Sheet Laser printing technology does not provide exactly the same job positioning on the consecutive sheets. It has to be taken into account that as small jobs are printed multiple times on the same sheet their size can differ very slightly due to microslips between printed material and transfer rollers. Positioning precision comes to +/- 1mm. For that reason set texts and any important information (graphics, photos) at least 3mm from the cutting line and AVOID ANY FRAMES closer than 10 mm to the document's edge.
UV & Water Resistance Print is waterproof and resistant to UV radiation. Please remember that UV & water resistance depends also on the material quality.
Temperature Resistance Long-lasting exposure to high temperature leads to page sticking. Refers only to colour books and booklets.
Finishing Prints can be laminated and UV coated. Due to coating printouts with fixative oil, double UV coating may be needed for full covering.

When laminating dark uniform colour background or tint utilities, “silvering” may occur.
Usage Short-run, on demand printing of brochures, books, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, Point of Purchase materials, sell sheets and much more!  
Usage Limitations Printouts from X1000 cannot be overprinted on laser printers (e.g. as letterhead) beacause warming up of toner in a printer results in damaging of printouts and dirtying printer's cylinder. Instead of this printouts (best when made from offset and satin papers) can be overprinted on inkjet printers.

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